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Friendly Dog Collars

Are you frustrated with people judging your dog just because of their breed, when in fact they have nothing to worry about?

Do you have a dog that isn’t good with children or adults and you need to let others know in advance?

Or maybe you have a dog that is not good with other dogs, yet other dogs come running up to your dog?

There are many more dog situations that cause problems and can be helped with a simple item. We have created an idea to solve many of these problems and more. Using a simplistic traffic light color-coded system; we can stop many of these accidents and incidents from happening in the first place. The products are visible from a distance to warn others in advance and have large embroidered writing on in addition so there is no confusion.

They are very high quality and made from the best materials available. Because our loyal family members can’t talk for themselves, but they need others to know their personality, they could wear one of these items meaning much more peaceful walks, no judging because of their breed, and possibly a big saving from vets bills!

We started as a small family business several years ago seeing that there was an issue within the dog community and being a general dog owner. Inspired by people’s reactions to our own loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Roxy, something needed to change to show others the way in responsible dog ownership and helping others to see that each dog has their own personality no matter of their size or breed. Since our business started, we have grown internationally quickly with our products and system. Over 600 stores now stock our products and many Vets, Trainers, Behaviorists, Dog Charities and Rescues also stock and use our products as they see how they will help.

We now have offices in UK, USA and Australia, and looking to open more shortly. We have worked hard to ensure that our products are a step to help with socialisation (for example our No Dogs, Nervous or Caution ranges), health conditions (our Blind Dog, Deaf Dog and Do Not Feed ranges are good examples) and even rehoming (our very popular Adopt me range). We have continued over the years to perfect our items to ensure that the usability and durability matches up to the initiative that our products support. Our products have also undergone rigorous strength and chemical testing. We were voted for, and won the ‘Master Breeders and Associates Canine Product of the Year 2014’. And we have been nominated again in 2015, which is a wonderful accolade. Our first award and hopefully the first of many. Today we continue to progress with our creation and are now making other companies products too due to our contact base and import/export portfolio. One member of our team specializes in start-up businesses and new ideas/products to market. If you ever required any assistance in this field, feel free to ask. Thank you from the Dexil Limited / Friendly Dog Collars team.

Measurements • All items are made from high strength polypropylene nylon webbing with embroidered wording for maximum durability. All ‘O’ and ‘D’ rings are welded type for maximum strength. • All items are machine washable at 30 oC.

Size Guide

Review our size guide below to ensure you get the correct size

Sizing Help


Semi-Choke (martingale style) collar one size adjustable to fit neck sizes 35cm-60cm x 38mm width (13.5″ – 24″ x 1.5″) with 2 embroidered words. Large-Extra Large snap buckle collar adjustable fits neck size 38cm-64cm x 38mm width (15″-25″ x 1.5″) with 3 embroidered words. Small-Medium snap buckle collar adjustable fits neck size 25cm-43cm x 25mm width (10″-17″ x 1″) with 2 embroidered words


Standard length with luxury padded handle lead/leash 120cm length x 25mm width (48” x 1”) with 3 embroidered words each side (6 total). Short length with luxury padded handle lead/leash 60cm length x 25mm width (24” x 1”) with 1 embroidered word each side (2 total). Best used with our strap harnesses. Long length with luxury padded handle lead/leash 180cm length x 25mm width (72” x 1”) with 4 embroidered words each side (8 total). Specially designed ‘TRAINING’ lead/leash (in blue ‘TRAINING’ only) available in 210cm length x 25mm width (82” x 1”) with a trigger hook at each end (2 total) and 3 additional ‘D’ rings for multiple uses in many ways. Best used with our ‘TRAINING’ harness which has an extra ‘D’ ring on chest so the lead/leash can be attached twice at the same time for total dog control.


Strap Harness Medium-Large fully adjustable to fit most common breeds. High strength fits chest/belly girth 59cm-92cm x 25mm width (23”-36” x 1”) and has double rings for lead/leash attachment for extra security. Harness has 6 embroidered words.
Suitable for use on bull breeds, large dogs and dogs that pull. Medium Vest Harness fits chest/belly girth 48cm-72cm (19”-28”), maximum neck size 40cm (15”). 3 embroidered words around chest and shoulders. Small Vest Harness fits chest/belly girth 38cm-60cm (15”-24”), maximum neck size 31cm (12”). 3 embroidered words around chest and shoulders.